Noel Nuguid

Tech Evangelist for DevSecOps

Hello! Welcome to my humble portion of the Internet

Noel Nuguid

I consider myself a technology evangelist specifically in the topics of DevOPS, Information Technology and Web Development. It is my personal passion to make sure that everyone I meet get to benefit of the different technologies out available to them. Whether it is in the office or at home, I believe technlogy, when properly used, can enriched human lives.

By the way, this site is entirely powered by the new Google Sites app from GSuites. If you'd like to have your own Google hosted site, I can help you with that. I have a freelance service that allows people to use Google's services in leveraging their Digital Life. If you like, you can look us up in

3 Main Things About Me

I am a Technlogy Evangelist

I have built my profession around Information Technology. I do IT infrastructures, DevOps, Web Development in various capacities. I'm especially fond of working with open source technology due to the cost efficiency it can bring companies.

I am a Casual PC Gamer

I've been playing games since the early 90' and have seen the evolution of PC games from the 8-bit graphics to today's 4k level games. I play games as hobby although I dream of being a gaming journalist but thats another story.

I am a God Loving Family Man

I am a Catholic raised to value God's teachings about loving others and I work hard to bring this belief to my family. I find a certain sense of fulfilment serving in christian communities. My family is currently serving in Bo Sanchez's The Feast.

Highlighted Skills and Abilities

IT Management

  • IT infrastructure planning, design and implementation

  • IT process documentation and maintenance

  • IT personnel mentorship and management

  • IT project management

System and Network Administration

  • Firewalls / DNS

  • Web(Apache/Nginx) / PHP/MYQL

  • AD / PDC / Authentication Servers

  • Ubuntu, FreeBSD and CentOS

  • Windows Server (2000/2003)

  • VMWare, XenServer and VirtualBox

Cloud Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Management

  • Amazon Web Services

  • Google G Suite

  • Media Temple

  • Digital Ocean / Vultr / Alantic

Business Development

  • Management and overall execution of business plans on a business unit level

  • Business Process management and optimization for IT and Web business units.

  • Partner and Customer relations management.

  • Business Cycle involvement starting from Pre Sales to Implementation to After sales support

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